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The Sigma Male Personality

sigma male personality

Independence Sigmas are fiercely independent. It is the overriding characteristic found in all Sigma Males. Sigmas are dominant introverts and express that dominance in refusing to be controlled or influenced by anyone. This is in contrasts to traditional Alphas who express their dominance in influencing others. Sigmas feel a strong desire to forge their own path, regardless of societal expectations or norms. This they do very successfully. Sigmas refuse to be bound by traditional hierarchy and find ways to achieve success on their own terms. Sigmas are natural entrepreneurs, experts in niche fields and masters of the alternative.


hombres armados citas Sigmas develop their natural charisma to a very high degree. They can hold the attention of a room easily, converse engagingly and draw people to them. Often this charisma does not come naturally to a Sigma. It is more common that it develops over time as Sigmas use their inherent intelligence to fine tune their social skills. As introverts, Sigmas may not have the same natural social ability as an extrovert. A Sigma’s charisma comes from growing comfortable in his skin, developing confidence over time and using an introvert’s natural empathy to connect with people.


köp Viagra 100 mg online utan recept All Sigmas are confident. Not loud, not brash, but they all exude a real, quiet confidence. This comes from a deep seated faith in their abilities. A Sigma does not feel the need to prove himself to anyone, he knows who he is, what he stands for and what he can do. Women are adept at separating this real kind of confidence from loud, but empty, bravado. This is part of a Sigma’s charm.


enter site Sigmas are smart, often in unusual ways. Not every Sigma will have a PhD, but every Sigma is constantly learning and adapting. Sigmas get better, in all respects, over time. Many things won’t come naturally to a Sigma, particularly in interpersonal communication. By and large, Sigma Males are INTJs, one of the rarest MBTI types. INTJs are not known for their social abilities. They are, however, experts at analysing situations and learning from them. Sigmas will use that intelligence to develop themselves in areas that they would otherwise be weak in.

Introspective Sigmas are introverts and spend a lot of time thinking over things. A Sigma does not talk to fill the silence, but will take time to make an intelligent, considered response. They analyse events and situations to see what they can learn and plan how to proceed. They focus on themselves rather than becoming drawn into other’s dramas. Sigmas will spend a lot of time alone, considering all that goes on around them.

Humble Sigmas are humble, they don’t need to constantly tell the world they are Sigmas, or they are dominant, or they are anything in fact. Sigmas never come across as cocky or arrogant. They can be even mistaken for submissive or shy sometimes by those who don’t know them well, on account of being quiet or withdrawn. Anyone who gets close to a Sigma though can’t help but notice a quiet confidence and steely demeanour.

Well Read

click Sigmas will read like other people watch TV. Sigmas understand that filling their minds with knowledge puts the world at the feet. By reading, a Sigma is given access to the greatest minds ever to have lived. Even as entertainment, books far exceed television and film. The world that can be created by an author is limited only by their imagination, a world created by a screenwriter is constrained by budgets, episodes etc.


see A Sigma Male is a highly capable individual. He can master most skills needed to look after himself and his family and is the go to person in a crisis. Sigmas shun leadership roles in general, but make excellent leaders when required to do so. A Sigma’s leadership ability comes from his capability and confidence rather than his personality. Men will follow a Sigma because he knows what he is doing and always appears confident in doing it. A Sigma will be a leader of few words and will always lead from the front. He is the true form of a leader, he leads by example. A Sigma will not, and in most cases, cannot convince men to follow him through words alone. He inspires men by example and deeds.

Prepared A natural extension of capability is preparedness. A Sigma thinks ahead and is ready for the challenges he might face. This personality trait extends to all areas of his life. He looks after his body, he can defend himself, he has multiple income streams, he can speak several languages. He fights each battle before it happens and ensures he can overcome it that way.

Lone Wolf A Sigma is a lone wolf. He keeps his circle small and relies on no one. He doesn’t need an entourage to validate him, he can handle any situation himself. He may have a lot of acquaintances and contacts, but very few, if any, really know him. A Sigma will always keep his business to himself and stay out of everyone else’s. His social media presence is little to non existent. It is this detachment from other people that often makes a Sigma seem cold and aloof. It also adds an air of mystery to the Sigma that many find very attractive.

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    December 9, 2017 at 11:27 am

    single frauen aalen I’m an INTP and I have pretty much all of these characteristics.

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    March 1, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    “He fights each battle before it happens and ensures he can overcome it that way.”
    Beautiful observation/description. This resonated strongly with me.

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