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30 Days of Discipline Oneitis

Success is impossible without action. Education is useless without application. Discipline is the source from which all achievement flows.

If you want to excel in life, whether it’s becoming a millionaire, getting to the top of your sport, getting your novel published or getting ripped, it won’t happen until your master self discipline.

We live in a world where discipline is a dying trait. We are in a generation used to immediate gratification and who aren’t willing to put the work in to achieve anything. The focus is always on acceptance now, never achievement.

All want to eat, few want to hunt

However, it’s not all bad. There is still a hardcore out there that want to build the kind of discipline that will allow Victor Prideyou to do anything. Victor Pride at Bold & Determined was once where you are. In the space of a few years, he built one of the leading men’s blogs, wrote several ebooks and founded Superdrive Publishing and Red Supplements. While his views and forthright style upset people on a daily basis, he can’t be accused of not backing up his talk with success.

In 30 Days of Discipline, Victor gives us what he calls “The Bootcamp for Winners”. This is his intensive, month long plan he uses to build the kind of relentless work ethic that put him where he is today.

The premise of 30 Days of Discipline is simple. 12 habits you must follow every day, for 30 days. Even the tasks can appear deceptively easy, but there’s a purpose behind each. They cover everything including fitness, grooming, self control and attitude/body language. It took me three attempts to finish the full 30 days. There will be days you’re wondering what the fuck you were thinking starting this program. Up at 5am every morning, 100 sit ups, push ups and body squats, cold showers. It’s a pain completely alien to this generation.

There is also an enormous sense of achievement as the days go by. The sheer amount of work I got through was insane. Your attitude and temperament change drastically. There will be no more brash talking, procrastination and time wasting on social media. I found myself much quieter, focused and unconcerned with anything that was happening outside my own projects. You don’t feel the improvements it makes to your discipline as they happen. It’s only after you finish the 30 days, when you look back, that you realise how far you’ve come that it really strikes you how effective this is.

Those who say they can and those who say they can’t, are usually both right

You’ll see what you are actually capable of achieving when forced into and it’s impossible to go back to your old self.Victor Pride
A big part of the program is working on some project of your own every single day. Mine was The Sigma Program. I knew nothing about website development or blogging. In those thirty days, I developed my logo, learned to modifiy my theme, learned HTML, CSS and affiliate marketing. I threw myself into networking, writing and tweaking my site. In those 30 days I was relentless and it paid off. In that time I got my site onto the first page of Google search results for my main keywords and I earned $113 from my work. That may sound not sound like much but starting from zero, that’s some achievement. That is what is possible when you apply yourself to this program.

Other guys have learned languages, started companies and learned trades. Many use Victor’s weight training book, Body of a Spartan, to get the body of a Greek god. Whatever your goal is, this will give you the discipline to achieve it.

This book is perfect for those who don’t know what to do with their lives. It forces you to come up with ideas and then implement them. You won’t hit on the perfect idea the first time but it creates a mindset that is constantly generating and developing ideas. It gets you moving and keeps you going. If you’re feeling lost and listless, it’s a great way to find some direction and focus in life.

I often recommend it to guys going through a difficult break up, How to cure Oneitis in 30 days as it were. The dreaded oneitis can be difficult to get over and the only real cure is to keep the mind occupied. Following 30 Days of Discipline not only gets you through an extremely difficult part of your life, but it uses the crisis as an opportunity to build yourself up to the man you want to be. You emerge from that dark period a different man, disciplined, fit, focused, confident and ready for success.

There is an accountability workbook available with 30 Days of Discipline and it’s the perfect way to track your progress. This is an intense program but it works. How it stands out from other programs and books is how practical it is. All the focus is on applying the principles in the book and Victor has you doing that straight away.

Look forward to some early mornings, sweat, blood and tears, but most of all a lot of real tangible success. I’d like to hear from you when you’ve finished the program. Let us know in the comments how it went and what you worked on.

You can buy 30 Days of Discipline and Body of a Spartan here at Superdrive Publishing.

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