Sigma Male

Quick Update: One year’s progress

Dax Gray 30 days of discipline

acquistare opzioni binarie That was me one year ago. Fat, bloated, sick and that’s just what you can see. Mentally, I was in a bad place. A toxic relationship was dragging me down, sabotaging everything I was trying to achieve. It made me mentally ill. Seriously mentally ill.

online dating in uttar pradesh In the year since first pic was taken I’ve been through a break up, a breakdown, hospitalised twice, medicated to the point of being catatonic. It should have broken me.

follow url But in that year I’ve also beaten that mental illness, gotten off that medication, gotten in shape, started my own business, started a new relationship with a stunning girl, moved into a new home, passed the hardest exam I’ll ever do, gotten a first class honours degree in mathematics to list just a few.

Optionweb demo Come investire sui binary options in inghilterra Trading opzioni binarie calendario economico Trade forex online source link What kept me going was the Sigma mentality. I’m capable of succeeding regardless of what adversity I face, regardless of what resources I have or don’t have, regardless of who I have support from. A lone wolf is a resilient beast, determined because he has to succeed.

go here Two books I found invaluable were 30 Days of Discipline and Becoming the Bull. 30 Days teaches you to develop real self discipline and that was the basis of everything else I achieved. You’ll mess up and have bad days but that program keeps bringing you back to the right path. Becoming the Bull is a great training book, one of the few I have read that are written for ordinary guys, who have a life outside training. I can’t recommend them enough.

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  • Reply
    June 16, 2017 at 1:59 am

    click this is a phenomenal transformation !
    keep it up brother.
    i’m too a natural INTJ and i always felt alone and not understood ( though i have some good friends ) , but i always seems to disagragree with the system be it religion , education , politics and i really dont know why so ?
    i think that you need more content on game and women.

    • Reply
      Bryan Hall
      July 16, 2017 at 2:12 pm Same here-I’m a turbulent INTJ, and I’ve always tended to be anti-establishment in almost every way. That’s because deep down, we know the establishment has some problems- problems we don’t want to be shackled to. We’re designed to be masterminds. We’re designed to be the 1-2%. We don’t follow the system, nor do we lead the system. We CREATE the system. It’s very hard to reach our potential, since it’s very hard to find INTJs to learn from and be mentored by. That’s why I appreciate this blog on the “Sigma Male” concept.

  • Reply
    Philip Braselmann
    July 5, 2017 at 12:58 pm I remembered when you posted that on Twitter, it was shortly after my created account on Twitter, you have made a great transformation since then, and great successes!

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