How to get paid by Associates outside the US

Amazon Affiliate Payoneer

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the biggest in the world and a favourite with bloggers. It’s a trusted brand with a huge range of products, a worldwide profile and your readers are likely to be already among its customer base. It’s not without its faults though. Each regional Amazon site operates a separate affiliate program. This means you need to sign up for separate programs for, etc. While this is a nuisance, it’s not the end of the world. The real problem it causes for its affiliates is getting paid by, Amazon’s biggest affiliate market, when you live outside the US. Affiliates have the option of direct deposit into a bank account, payment by giftcard (both $10 minimum earnings) or check ($100 minimum earnings). Direct deposit, most people’s preferred option, is not available to non-US based affiliates. That leaves giftcards and checks, neither of which are any good to a foreign affiliate. giftcards can’t be used on any other Amazon site, so you can’t use it on your local Amazon. You could sell your giftcard online but it’s a lot of hassle and is wide open to fraud. Cashing international checks can be very expensive, with the fees often being up to $80. Clearly getting your dollar check from Amazon isn’t worth it unless you are receiving five figure sums each month. On top of that you need $100 minimum earnings, which can take a long time to accumulate when you’re starting out.

So what’s the answer? The obvious one is PayPal, a well established global service. So why doesn’t Amazon offer this option? It seems to be PayPal’s links with its major competitor eBay and the common consensus is that Amazon won’t entertain this option anytime soon.

The best and only option really is to get a US bank account and avail of direct deposit. Payoneer allows you to do just that.

How to open a Payoneer account

You can open a Payoneer account for free here. You will be given an option of two withdrawal methods: Local Bank Account or Prepaid Credit Card.

Payoneer Amazon

I would advise choosing Local Bank Account. Like all prepaid credit cards, Payoneer’s Mastercard comes with a lot of hefty fees. You have fees for loading the card, using the card etc. Unless you have a very good reason not to, choose Local Bank Account as your withdrawal method.

Opening a Payoneer account gives you three different currency accounts, USD, EUR and GBR.



How to set up your Payoneer account on Amazon

Once you have set up your Payoneer account, you just need to enter the details on your Amazon Associates account. Simply click on your account name (your email) at the top of the Amazon Associates homepage. Select Account Settings and then under Payment and Tax Information select Change Payment Method. As shown in the screenshot below, select “Pay me by direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only)” and enter your Payoneer USD account details.

Payoneer Amazon Affiliate

How to withdraw funds from your Payoneer account

Congratulations, Amazon will now pay your affiliate fees to this account each month. You can then withdraw your funds to your local bank account. This video from Payoneer illustrates the very simple process.


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