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Housework is suddenly interesting. Usually it’s one of those fucking inconveniences that life reminds you about just as you sit down with a coffee and a good book. While it’s still not enjoyable, I’ve found the perfect way to pass the time while I deal with it.

I signed up for a free trial month of Amazon’s Audible service recently. Having bought audiobooks on iTunes previously and been let down by dry, monotonous narration, I assumed the Audible wouldn’t live up to expectations either. But fuck it, a free month and two free audiobooks wasn’t much of a risk. I downloaded The Girl on the Train, a psychological thriller I heard hyped up on a few forums.

Straight off, I was impressed with the narration. It was engaging, expressive and the tone and accents suited its location well. There were several narrators, which gave it a rich feel and the characters became much more alive. I started listening to it in the car but found I didn’t want to put it down. I was playing it with the Audible app on my phone so soon it was keeping me entertained through the mundane bits of life we all have to do.

I know I was lucky in picking a great novel, a pretty tense thriller and I’d recommend trying it as one of your two free ebooks. Still, the platform is impressive and integrates well with Amazon’s Kindle services.

When you try the free month of Audible, try the free trial month of Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial as well. There are thousands of audiobooks available to explore on Kindle Unlimited, in addition to over a million ebooks. There are links for both offers below. If you don’t have a Kindle reader yet, I’ve also added a link for the Kindle Reading App for your phone or PC, so you can try Kindle out without having to invest in a reader just yet. Now to decide what my second audiobook will be, suggestions welcome.

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