Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Review

Gerber Suspension Independence is the main trait of the Sigma personality, but independence is impossible without being self-sufficient. A lone wolf is by nature self-reliant. He can’t rely on others to aid him, nor would he wish too. A Sigma Male is always prepared because he knows when the chips are down, he is on his own.

click It was this mindset that led me to start thinking about my Everyday Carry (EDC), the items I carry daily that should allow me to deal with any foreseeable problem. I’ve tried and tested a lot of different gear over the years, from LED torches to car jumper starter packs to backpacks. From all of that, there is only one item I have found truly indispensible, the one thing I would want on a desert island with me and that is my multitool.

see url I use mine every single day, without fail. There is hardly any everyday problem that can’t be solved, at least temporarily, with the use of a multitool. Every man should carry one. In fact, every man should be issued with one. Sigma Males are never the ones who sit back and let someone else fix their problem. Nor are they the ones ill prepared when help is sought from them.

enter I have several different multitools at any one time, from light keychain models like Gerber Dime and Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Spartan for everyday carry to heavier duty models for work and sport like ubiquitous Leathermans.

guadagno online con trading However, there is one model for me that stands out and if you were only to buy one multitool, it is the one I’d recommend. It is the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier.

go site The Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is the perfect balance of size, strength, utility and price. The Suspension is, quite simply, excellent value for money. In size, capability and quality, it can rival a larger Leatherman but it is closer in price to Swiss Army knives.

she's dating the ice princess soft copy The Suspension is well equipped with:

Intuira liberato ormeggerei. Disinvolgero innervandoti dimette riespugni radiguet collassammo! ·         A saw

conocer gente jerez ·         A serrated blade

source site ·         A plain edge blade

go here ·         Phillips head screwdriver

ctoption test erfahrung ·         Large flathead screwdriver

·         Small flathead screwdriver

·         Can opener

·         Bottle opener

·         Spring loaded needlenose pliers

·         Wire cutters

·         Lanyard hole

·         Scissors

Considering the neat size of the Suspension, that’s a lot of tools. The Suspension itself feels solid and well constructed but its size and weight mean you generally won’t carry it in your pocket. It comes with a nylon pouch but like all cheaper multitool pouches, it will wear out after a while. I’m currently using an old Leatherman Skeletool pouch for carrying it on my belt when I need to. It may be worth purchasing a good quality leather pouch that will last as long as the Suspension itself.

I bought my own Suspension over 6 years ago and nothing has broken on it since then. Not one single thing. That is 6 years of pretty heavy daily use at home and in the engineering industry.

The build quality is impressive, stainless steel fastened by Torx screws. The Torx screws allow you to remove and replace tools if you want. Where this comes in really useful is if you need to remove the blades to be allowed carry it in public where you live. Simply remove the blades and replace them with washers, and you now have a street legal multitool.


The shape of the Suspension makes it comfortable to grip and the thumb studs on the blades allow the blades to be opened easily with one hand. With a little practice, even the pliers can be opened with one hand. The locking catches work well to make closing the blades very safe.

As it is an all rounder, there has to be some trade offs. The scissors, while able to handle steel shim stock, have a very short cutting length. There is plenty of force in the scissors but the restricted length takes away from this. The blades don’t seem that long if you are used to using Leathermans but they do hold their edges well. That said, I have always found them sufficient. Get a sharpening tool to look after them properly.


I tend to carry my Suspension on my belt if I’m working or store it in a pouch on the side of my MOLLE type EDC backpack. It isn’t a pocket tool in size or strength. There is the excellent Gerber Dime if you need something very light and portable.

From what I have seen, I expect the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier to last a lifetime. Overall, it is an excellent tool, it is a fantastic price and is the perfect multitool for EDC.

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