The best electric shaver for sensitive skin

perfect electric shave sensitive skin

opzioni binarie guida I’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect electric shaver for my sensitive skin, with varying results. I have to admit that I always restricted my search to premium models, like the Braun series 7 and series 9. These were the models I’d recommended in my previous article, How to get the perfect shave with an electric razor.

iq option auszahlung While I got an excellent shave with those particular razors, I found I still suffered from razor burn on my neck from time to time. I varied my routine to see if I could work out what was causing it. I went a week without using TendSkin, a week without using DermaBloc but I saw no improvement.

option brokers I invest a lot of time in my appearance, I think everyone should. In many ways, your appearance is your CV. People can, and will, infer a lot about you based on how you present yourself. I aim for nothing less than perfect, so it’s very frustrating when I can’t figure out a problem like this.

Braun 3040S electric shaver I had to put it down to the razor and even then I tried changing foil cassettes to no avail. It came time to change my series 7 and I’d heard a lot of good things about Braun’s budget model, the series 3. I have to admit with shavers I fell into the trap of thinking more expensive was better and had never considered the cheaper models.

go here I ordered the Braun 3040S and I can confidently say it is, without a doubt, the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. I have tried dozens of models and hundreds of products over the years. This shaver, it seems, was the key to the problem.

Is it better than the Braun series 7 and series 9 models?

viagra purchase usa The shave I got with it is much closer than I got with the series 7, particularly on my neck. I also used less passes to get that closeness. The foil on the 3040S felt much more comfortable than the one on the series 7. It is a slightly different type of foil, a Sensofoil, as opposed to an Optifoil on the series 7.

enter site The 3040S Sensofoil didn’t feel like it got as hot during operation as the Optifoil. This is probably down to the plastic that is used in the foil cassette construction, particular under the micro-comb. The series 7 type cassette is more metallic and likely conducts heat more.

follow The electric razor was the only thing I changed in my routine and I saw an improvement straight away. I’m still using DermaBloc religiously, it’s a fantastic product and gives an amazing shave.

Is the Braun 3040S value for money?

bd swiss hanselswerkzeuge On the technical side, the battery of the 3040S is excellent. I regularly get over a week’s worth of shaves from it and charging time is only a couple of hours. The grip is very comfortable and it can be used wet and dry. I haven’t tried it with a wet shave, as it will irritate my skin really bad. The 3040S doesn’t come with a case, just a plastic cover. If you’ve had any electric razors before, you likely have one lying around, so this isn’t a major issue. It also doesn’t come with lubrication oil, an absolute necessity for proper maintenance. Again, these are easy enough to come by.

follow site As regards value for money, its a fraction of the price of the likes of the new series 9 and just as capable. I think it’s the perfect investment for your grooming kit.

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